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Another exciting option for your holiday or corporate party will be a paintball game or laser tag.
Adrenaline rush, wonderful emotions, relaxation, a feeling of victory - guaranteed effects after the game.
At your choice:
PAINTBALL - an active game using colored shells is suitable for an adult company of players.
LASER TAG is an easier and absolutely safe version of the game for the whole family. Especially appreciate children from 6 years.
We will provide equipment, equipment, 200 charges and instructor services.
You just have to accurately hit the target!

  • Paintball - 320 ₴ from one player and 100 ₴ in addition for 100 pieces of charges
  • Children's paintball - 360 ₴ per child. Minimum order of 10 children. Game from 6 years old
  • Laser tag - the first hour is 300 ₴, the second hour is 250 ₴, the outfit is 50 ₴